The Potter

“As a fifth generation Coloradoan, my work reflects the culture in which I was raised. Simplicity, utility, beauty and modest price are my guidelines, and my primary inspiration is traditional pottery from all cultures. Rather than making ware for the contemporary art market, I try to fill the niche potters have occupied historically; making useful things for average people. I use a wide variety of glazes and my work ranges from teacups to burial urns. Most of my functional work is stoneware, while my decorative pieces are raku or wood fired.” …Frank Gray

The Gallery

The Woodland Inn has a beautiful gallery of Frank Gray’s pottery! With a variety of forms and glazes, it offers beautiful pots at great prices. All guests staying at the Inn receive a 20% discount on gallery purchases.


One on one pottery lessons are offered on site at the Woodland Inn. Each class is tailored to the individual and can include throwing on the wheel as well as hand building. Personal skill levels and desires are discussed so each class becomes a fulfilling experience. Small groups of 3 or 4 people can also be arranged, so gather some close friends and come spend the night at the Inn!

During the off season (October through May) Frank will be offering 3 day workshops at the Inn. Participants will be able to make raku pottery, and then return in 2 weeks to participate in a group raku firing! Great food, friends and accommodations make this a one of a kind adventure!


For additional information about classes, call Frank at 719-687-8209.